The DNMC Team

Steve Martin, MS 

Steve received a B.S. in Animal and Dairy Science from Auburn University in 1987 and a M.S. in Animal Nutrition from Texas A&M in 1989 with a focus on forage production and feeding. Steve served on the research and marketing staff for the National Cottonseed Products Association after graduate school. In 1991, he joined Purina Mills as a field dairy nutrition consultant. In this role for 14 years, Steve had the opportunity to work for many large commercial dairies in the Southwestern US. The experience with Purina led to a new opportunity to work on the production side of the industry as a member of a dairy management team in the Texas panhandle. In 2006, Steve re-entered the consulting world, but this time as the founder of DNMCmilk. Steve excels in areas of diet formulation and modeling, feed/milk economics and heifer feeding strategies. After more than 30 years in the industry, the broad goal of Steve’s effort is to maximize the convergence of biology and economics. Steve and his wife Tina recently relocated from Colorado to the Florida Panhandle. In addition to being back closer to home, Steve is expanding DNMC’s footprint into the Southeast US.

Jay Thurman

Jay Thurman, MS,

Jay earned his BS in Animal Science from Texas A&M University in 1995 and MS in Animal Nutrition from West Texas A&M in 2000. Jay spent the first part of his career working in the manufacturing, research, sales and technical service of various feed ingredients. Jay’s experience on the supplier side of the industry helps DNMC maintain focus on the feed/milk economics on the dairy. This experience also allows DNMC to ensure the best value delivery of micronutrients in the diets of DNMC client herds. As a result of 17 years of industry experience, Jay brings a high level of professionalism to DNMC. In addition, his nutrition education keeps with the philosophy of DNMC of building a highly qualified team of nutrition professionals. With this background and experience, Jay has become a proven field nutritionist for DNMC.  He also manages the implementation of the various services offered by DNMC. Chief among these is the production of each client’s weekly Green Sheet. It is in this role that Jay has gained a valuable perspective of how overall dairy profitability is impacted by milk solids production, ration formulation, ingredient markets and milk pricing.  Jay and his family live in the small Texas Panhandle town of Happy.

Erika Vorster

Erika Vorster

Erika was born and raised in a cattle ranching family in South Africa. She attended the University of the Freestate, where she graduated with a degree in Agriculture. After graduation, Erika was employed by the Department of Animal Health, before joining her father on the family ranch. Erika’s first experience with the dairy industry was at her grandfather’s dairy. Though the dairy was small, milking only 20 cows, this experience initiated her interest in the dairy industry. After arriving in the USA, Erika quickly became involved in today’s modern dairy industry. She began on a 2600 cow dairy, where she was exposed to all aspects of the operation. This herd expanded during her employment to milk 4,000 cows. The next step for Erika was the chance to be the overall herd manager of a 1,000 dairy. In both of these roles, Erika became proficient in the use of several types of dairy herd management and feeding software programs. She offers support to DNMC clients in the areas of feed program management, dairy management software and numerous dairy spreadsheet applications. Her dairy management experience is a great “real world” asset for the group. Erika manages the Feed and Milk Model application for DNMC’s clients. Now located back at home in South Africa, Erika also leads DNMC’s efforts in overseas markets.


Macey Brown

Macey grew up around livestock and earned a BS in Animal Science from Texas A&M University in 2021. Macey joined the DNMC team full time in May 2021. In this role, she is critical in the process of summarizing dairy performance data and communicating these reports to the DNMC team and clients. Macey works in the development and implementation of the DNMC Weekly Green Sheets, the new yearly trend analysis, and onsite dairy visits.  As well, Macey assists the team with various special projects and is involved in the marketing and implementation of Golden Heifer Development.  Additionally, ag advocacy is near and dear to Macey’s heart. Through various outlets, she promotes youth livestock programs, the dairy industry and agriculture in general.   Macey, her husband Justin, and their daughter Ellie make their home in Happy, Texas.

Justin Axman

Justin Axman is a Kansas Native that grew up on a farm in Central Kansas. Justin earned his Associate of Science from Pratt Community College in 2011, Bachelor of Science in Biology from Emporia State University in 2013, and his Master of Science in Animal Science from Kansas State University in 2015. During his time at KSU, he also served as Research Assistant at the Beef Cattle Research Center. In addition to Justin’s educational background and prior to joining DNMC, he has operated in multiple roles for feed companies, most recently as Nutritionist. These roles have allowed Justin to gain extensive practical knowledge and experience in providing nutritional and management support for livestock producers, efficacy of various dietary regimens, ingredient evaluation and quality control, grain processing methods, as well as formulation of complete rations, premixes, and supplements. These items are a vital part of our clients’ daily operations which will allow Justin to immediately add value to DNMC and our clientele. Justin and his family reside in Cimarron, KS.

Justine (DeVries) Pretorius

Justine grew up on a dairy farm in Dublin, TX. She earned her Associates of Science from Cuesta College and later completed a bachelor's degree in dairy science from CalPoly in San Luis Obispo, California. From there she went on to work at a dairy in Dalhart, Texas. She developed and managed the calf program, growing it from 400 to 14,000 calves during her 6 years there. Her management spanned ages 0-200 days for both beef crosses and Jersey crosses. Since then, she and Macey work alongside each other as they consults on farms for calves under the Golden Heifer Development. Her past experience as a manager gives her unique tools to understand what it takes to develop a successful calf program, grow healthy calves, and manage a workforce. Justine continues to live in Dalhart with her husband Len and their daughter Joha.